Private Liability Insurance (aka Personal Liability)

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  • Including loss of keys
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Your protection against financial losses

Private liability insurance (aka personal liability) simplified

A private liability insurance (aka personal liabilty insurance) is important to protect yourself from significant costs, because in a single moment of inattention you could cause a substantial harm to a person or their belongings.

Private liability covers any bodily injury or object damages that you cause to a third-party and that you are held legally responsible for. Especially, if you accidentally injure one or more people, the claim for damages can run into the millions, bcause you are personally liable with all your private assets. Thus, not being covered with a private liability insurance, can result in financial ruin in the worst-case-scenario.

Your advantages in private liability insurance with FRIDAY

Focus, Balance, Relax: Insurance coverage that adapts to you

Choose your individual protection from the Focus, Balance or Relax packages. With the Relax premium package, you can rely on the best possible protection. Simply relaxing.

Stay flexible with daily cancellation option

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? That's why you can cancel your FRIDAY private liability insurance on a daily basis. So your insurance adapts flexibly to your needs.

Including protection for loss of keys

Losing your personal or work keys can become really expensive. Usually, the entire locking system needs to be replaced. We will cover these costs in case you lost your keys.

Relaxed through your everyday life

Buy your private liability insurance online from 1,89 € per month with just a few clicks

Individual protection

Choose between three packages with FRIDAY's liability insurance

FRIDAY's private liability insurance you can choose between three different insurance packages. FRIDAY Focus package provides you with an extensive basic coverage. If you want even more relaxation in your everyday life, then choose FRIDAY Balance or the premium package FRIDAY Relax. They offer extended benefits and even more peace-of-mind.


Your basic protection for everyday life
  • Insurance sum of up to 20 million €
  • Loss of foreign personal keys, or also work keys (e.g. from employer, volunteer work) of up to 100,000 €
  • Damage to borrowed items, insured up to 25,000 €
  • Includes claim default coverage (minimum damage amount of 500 €)


Stay calm with greater protection
  • Insurance sum of up to 20 million €
  • Loss of foreign personal keys, or also work keys (e.g. from employer, volunteer work) of up to 100,000 €
  • Damage to borrowed items, insured up to 25,000 €
  • Includes claim default coverage (minimum damage amount of 500 €)


Your premium liability insurance
  • Insurance coverage amount of up to 50 million €
  • Includes Best Performance Guarantee: So you can be sure that your FRIDAY insurance is always at least as strong as any other competitor
  • Insurance coverage during Work and Travel stays
  • Includes claim waiver coverage without minimum damage amount
  • Protection against personal and name rights violations

Private liability insurance is not compulsory

However, it is important to protect yourself from high costs

A private liability insurance is not legally required, but highly recommended. It protects you if you cause damage to someone else, and you are responsible for it. The term “liability” indicates that you are legally liable for the damage.

The liability insurance is here to:

  • examine the liability claims asserted against you
  • satisfy legitimate claims
  • defend against unjustified claims against you

This includes damages in your personal life, such as:

  • Damages that you caused (as a pedestrian or cyclist) while on the road
  • Damages that you caused while playing sports
  • Damages caused by small pets that you own (e.g. includes cats, not including dogs)
  • Damages that you caused as a resident of a house or apartment, either as a tenant or owner

Why do I need a private liability insurance?

Your affordable protection against highly consequential costs

Life circumstances require a personalized approach to liability insurance. At FRIDAY, we have taken this into account in our three different packages with specialized coverages, so that you are always adequately insured.

Private liability insurance for students

For a safe start into life on your own
  • It’s important for students to have liability insurance, not only health insurance.
  • It can help out when something happens while you’re on the road, sitting at home, playing sports, or even just having fun traveling.
  • It applies – for example – even when performing lab work at university, or while babysitting part-time.

Private liability insurance for the whole family

Well-insured in daily family life
  • With FRIDAY's private liability insurance, you can also insure your family. In fact, your children are even insured until the end of their higher education / apprenticeship (though only their first one).
  • Includes insurance coverage during voluntary service or 1-year waiting period for education/study place
  • If your family is insured with the Relax package, this also applies to grandparents in a nursing home
  • Protection is also required online today. If, for example, a forwarded virus causes financial damage, your liability insurance will cover the costs.

Private liability insurance for renters

Comprehensive coverage for tenant damage
  • Damage to rented rooms or apartments, known as tenant damage, is covered in all three packages.
  • Not every damage occurs suddenly, sometimes it happens gradually over a long period of time. That's why gradual damage is also insured with FRIDAY's liability insurance.
  • Additional protection against damage to the furniture in vacation homes (e.g. Airbnbs) is provided by the Balance and Relax packages.

Private liability insurance for seniors

Stay well-protected in old age
  • Accidents involving property or personal damage can easily occur, for example due to a decreased reaction time, especially into advanced age. That's why a private liability insurance is useful for retirees.
  • If you or a parent are living in a nursing home, a private liability insurance is worth it to prevent financial loss, if any damage occurs there.

Liability insurance for pet owners

Tamed pets included
  • Tamed pets such as cats are covered by FRIDAY.
    Tamed small animals such as birds, hamsters or guinea pigs are also included in the coverage.
  • Additionally, for wild animals such as spiders or scorpions, or for guide dogs, you also do not need a separate liability insurance, but the FRIDAY Relax package.

Comprehensive coverage for property owners

Liability insurance for your own home
  • Our liability insurance covers you inside your own home, in all three packages.
  • However, if there are additionally families who live with yours inside your home, then the Relax package is the one that encompasses that scenario.
  • FRIDAY covers any sort of accidental damage caused to another third party by anything on your property, such as solar panels, air/water/heating systems, or oil/liquid gas tanks.

Rely on comprehensive coverage with FRIDAY

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What kinds of damage are covered by a private liability insurance?

Essentially, a private liability insurance covers financial losses caused by personal injuries, property damage or financial losses. These examples of damages demonstrate why private liability insurance is worthwhile.

Bicycle accident

You collide with a pedestrian while riding your bicycle. The pedestrian falls and suffers serious injuries. The health insurance company then bills you for the costs incurred by the hospital stay and treatment.

Rental damages

You are careless while cooking in your rented apartment, causing a fire. The fire quickly spreads and damages not only your own rented apartment but also other apartments in the multi-family house. There is a significant damage to the buiding and to the belongings of other residents, for which you are responsible.

Property damage

The injured pedestrian is unable to work for a month due to the accident. Despite this, his employer continues to pay him his salary through the continuation of wages. As you are liable for the employee's absence, the employer can claim compensation from you and recover their expenses for the salary from you.

Damage caused by your drone

Exploring the world from a different perspective with a private drone in your leisure time is fun. If the device makes an unintended landing on your neighbor's car windshield, the liability insurance covers the cost of the repair. Drones are insured in the Focus or Balance package up to 250 g, and in the FRIDAY Relax package up to 5 kg.

Damage abroad

Accidents can also happen on vacation or during a stay abroad. That's why FRIDAY's private liability insurance is also valid abroad. For example, if you knock over a standing lamp in your vacation home and it breaks, you can calmly rely on your worldwide liability insurance in the Balance or Relax package.

Claims default coverage

Even though private liability insurance is one of the most important insurance policies, not everyone has this coverage. If you are damaged by third parties who are unable to pay you compensation, the claims default coverage comes into play. It ensures that you receive the money you are entitled to and don't have to bear the loss.

Enhance your protection with our Car-Sharing Add-On coverage

You have refueled the shared car incorrectly, lost the keys to the rental car on the beach, or caused scratches while reversing? Mishaps also occur with unfamiliar vehicles. That's why you can add a rental car and car-sharing insurance to your private liability insurance from FRIDAY.

Rental car and car-sharing insurance

  • FRIDAY offers protection against high deductibles in case of damages to rental or car-sharing vehicles
  • FRIDAY covers costs up to 3,000€ for incorrect refueling of rental car
  • FRIDAY covers costs up to 3,000€ for loss of rented vehicle keys.

With FRIDAY you are on the safe side


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FAQs - More information on private liability insurance

  • Who can benefit from a private liability insurance policy?

    According to the law (§ 823 of the BGB), you are obligated to be responsible for damages caused by negligence using all of your personal assets. Therefore, a private liability insurance is necessary for everyone, as accidents can occur at any time and lead to huge costs, especially if personal injury is involved. The amount of compensation claims can reach into the millions. Private liability insurance covers these costs up to the agreed insurance sum. At FRIDAY, the insurance sum in the "Focus" package is 10 million euros, in the "Balance" package it is 20 million euros, and in the premium "Relax" package it is even 50 million euros.

  • In the private liability insurance, which pets are not insured?

    Dogs (excluding guide dogs) and horses are not included in FRIDAY's private liability insurance. For damages and compensation claims against third parties caused by your dog or horse, you need a dog liability insurance or horse liability insurance.

  • Does private liability insurance cover damages to myself, that were actually caused by me?

    A private liability insurance only covers legal liability. You cannot generally make liability claims against yourself. Therefore, FRIDAY does not pay if you accidentally damage your own property.

  • What should be considered with the claim default coverage in private liability insurance?

    The claim default coverage protects you in case you suffer a loss. If the person responsible cannot pay for the damage, we will step in. The same regulations apply for the settlement as in your contract.

    The following damages are covered:

    • Damages caused intentionally by the person responsible
    • Damages arising from a privately-owned animal – such as a dog, horse, or other riding / working animals – when owned by a 3rd party individual
    • Damages arising from a motored vehicle, which is owned / kept / driven by a 3rd party individual

    Risks and exclusions that also apply to you in FRIDAY's private liability insurance are not covered. This includes, in particular, damages caused in the context of a professional or commercial activity.

    Depending on the package selected, the following minimum claim amounts apply with FRIDAY:

    • Focus: from a minimum loss amount of 1,000 €
    • Balance: from a minimum loss amount of 500 €
    • Relax: no minimum loss
  • Is car damage covered by the personal liability insurance?

    Damages caused by you as an owner (or even just as a driver) of a motor vehicle or trailer is not covered by liability insurance. For this you need a car liability insurance.

    However, in the Relax Tariff, the following damages are covered in relation to your car:

    • Damages to third parties during loading and unloading up to a maximum of 10,000 €
    • Damages to third parties during cleaning work on the car up to a maximum of 10,000 €
    • Damage to third parties caused by when a passenger in your car opens the car door, up to a maximum of 10,000 €

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