Logbucheintrag 05 (english)

The best way to celebrate the end of the longest summer in Berlin is with a cold-rainy road trip to Spreewald to welcome autumn. My boyfriend and I love going on road trips every time we find the chance. So taking the FRIDAY bus was the perfect excuse to get out of the city. Due to weather conditions, we were not quite sure what to do, as swimming in a cold lake was no longer a great idea.

At the very last minute, we decided to head to Spreewald instead. We took with us three bags full of fantastic food, some water and orange juice, a board game, and blankets (better safe than sorry). 

As a good co-pilot, I was in charge of entertainment and guidance, and believe me, I take my job seriously. Ready with a tremendous sing-out-loud 70s inspired playlist and an adventurous attitude, we hit the road. We were avoiding the highway because our dear bus didn't seem to be fast enough to compete with those German drivers. But hey, we managed to reach 90 km/h. 

Our first random stop was "the pumpkin paradise," a small market in the middle of nowhere, full of the craziest types of pumpkins you could imagine. We immediately grabbed three pumpkins and a bag full of tomatoes and berries, but only after asking for the best way to cook them. To our surprise, the lovely lady who worked there was not a big fan of pumpkins.🤔I guess I wouldn't be much of a fan either, if my life revolved around selling pumpkins once a year – in the middle of an empty road. 

On our way to our camping spot inSpreewald, we saw a variety of cows, sheep, and horses. We stopped for a coffee in Lübben and admired their biggest attraction: a windmill. 

Despite missing the mountains back in my home town, Monterrey, I'm still fascinated by the number of lakes, rivers, and forests that Germany has to offer.  Another thing I find quite interesting here are these little villages where time stands still. It's such a contrast to the busy life in Berlin.  

After making sure we had a camping spot where we could park the FRIDAY bus, we started our next adventure...food. Fun fact: Spreewald is famous for its pickles, better known as Spreewaldgurken. You wouldn't believe the amount of German restaurants we found along the way. In the end, we were happily greeted with freshly smoked eel and a delicious cucumber salad.  

Spending the night with the bus was so much fun and not as cold as I was expecting. Some music, LED lights on and a board game and you are set for the night.  

For our way back to Berlin, we decided to take a different road, but only after going canoeing down one of the famous Spreewaldcanals. It's not as easy as it seems, but definitely worth trying. 

We managed to arrive just before it started to rain to a beautiful lake, where we made a picnic with the rest of our food. Once it finally started to rain, we continued our journey back to Berlin. Saying goodbye to the bus was sad, but after this trip, I can't wait to go on a longer road trip around Germany. There are so many places I haven't visited and explored, yet.

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