Warsaw: A tech heavyweight on the rise

The FRIDAY Tech Hub is an important milestone to FRIDAY’s commitment to deliver an insurance experience customers love. And Warsaw, with its large talent pool is the perfect location - it’s a place for state-of-the-art development.

Warsaw is on a rise to become a leading European player when it comes to highly skilled technical talent working in the financial services industry. The number of educated and experienced engineers is high. There’s an active community that fosters innovation for tech companies. Many experts have worked across Europe helping to digitalize leading insurance companies and building insurtechs across different geographies. 

Thanks to big transformation projects at Polish insurers and multiple consulting companies based in Warsaw, the city has a unique talent pool of Guidewire and insurance specialists. We are leveraging this opportunity by building a senior team that can instantly contribute to FRIDAY’s software landscape and by pushing our initiatives forward with their technical expertise and business understanding.

For FRIDAY – as we are reinventing an industry – it’s highly important not to accept a compromise when it comes to talent. We are fighting for the best people available and we are recruiting the best people that can help us make our mission – to deliver the first insurance experience customers love – to become reality. The FRIDAY Tech Hub will allow us to further expand technical services as well as to drive our growth. 

FRIDAY is going to Warsaw because of the unique talent pool and the fact that we have a great deal to offer to enthusiasts in engineering. Be part of a growing company.

Tristan Schuler, FRIDAY CTO

"FRIDAY is going to Warsaw because of the unique talent pool and the fact that we have a great deal to offer to enthusiasts in engineering." states our CTO Tristan Schuler. Many of those specializing in insurance, including Guidewire, are working with international companies. Warsaw-based tech consultants are working across Europe – commuting between their families and projects. 

The Tech Hub offers to those experts something hard to find – the chance to develop a product and take full ownership and responsibility for it. Neither in any consulting project nor a big transformation would the team have so much influence on the product they build, as they do at FRIDAY. It’s all about the product and customer satisfaction. At the FRIDAY Tech Hub no one is just running a project. The team builds an insurance platform to ensure the growth of FRIDAY.

Jakub Król ist Lead Business Manager für das FRIDAY Tech Hub